Our values

I have the pleasure to introduce you to my falcon breeding facility.

I have been passionate about falcons and breeding for a few years, and now have high quality falcons with the best origins. They have been selected for their good performance in flying, their physical competence and their behaviour.

It is a point of honour for me to favour a high quality familial breeding so as to guarantee exceptional falcons. We breed an average of 50 falcons a year.

We aim to have a trusting working relationship with falconers who are looking for strong and performing falcons for hunting or for competitions.

All juveniles are hand-trained on demand before leaving our farm (they stand on the glove and on the picket; they eat on the glove and are tamed to be hooded).
This first socialisation step enables them not to be over-stressed when they leave the breeding and enables them to settle down easily in their new environment.

All our couples and young falcons are fed high quality, nutritious and diversified food to make them resistant and healthy.

We always seek to produce well-developed and strong falcons. We therefore avoid giving them fatty meat too often so as to favour a weight based on muscles and not fat, which would be harmful for their health.

The good development of young falcons is essential to ensure exceptional performance.
Breeding Methods

We breed our falcons both by natural method and artificially. The birds that are incubated are not impregnated.They have no human contact until the soothing phase.

In order to encourage a strong development and a hunting instinct, our young falcons are kept in big aviaries for 60 days. This enables them to develop their muscular mass and to learn to fly in the best conditions.